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Just last week I just set up WebEntrep.com (which I purchased from godaddy) and now this. 

It took me a while to finally use my own name as title of this website (JoeVizcarra.com), which for a long time, (a long fruitless time at that), has been JOURNEYIST.

Last week was a big big headache courtesy of godaddy. But this time, the real headache was trying to get my mind wrapped around the so called "writer's platform" thing. It doesn't help that I'm a late adopter, it's always difficult to subject yourself to brand analysis.    

Investing on this writer's platform site is nauseating. But it has to be worth it. At the very least, I am, finally embracing my destiny as a Writer, with a capital "w". Other than that, I'm a work in progress. In other words, it sucks!

But to sweeten this deal with myself, I made myself this blog within the main blog. I have so wanted to just freely write like this on my own blogs nah, JOURNEYIST was too formal for that. But not anymore.

I now actually feel that this is the first time that I really am blogging the way I have always wanted.

Well, this is actually just supposed to be a test post but things got out of hand. Oh, well...

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Joe Vizcarra is a working writer based in Manila, Philippines, with an A.B. degree in Communication Arts. His professional background includes writing for local TV news channels, a PR & marketing agency, and a national government agency, among others. While writing is his passion, Joe Vizcarra's pet advocacies revolve around subjects like personal-development, entrepreneurship and political economy.


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