In this digital era when content is king, web scientists have discovered that the best selling web pages are those with great visuals to boot. For the true blue blog writers, (who don't have the luxury of a second lifetime to work at becoming great photographers and graphic artists), this fact of life used to pose a serious setback.

But not anymore!

Welcome to the age of royalty free stock pictures! Like the picture above from UnSplash.com.

Here are ten great sites that provide users with high quality, high resolution (you may want to resize), free to use photos, usually under a creative commons license (do a second check) --- which generally means you freely could use them even for commercial purposes with no legal or moral liabilities. If you just can't believe they're free, you can always donate some cash, they actually could use some money for their effort. Just look for their link.

By "commercial" purposes, I do not of course mean you can resell the photos themselves! Great photographers were behind those photos and doing that would, technically, be robbery -- and stupidity, which is a higher crime. 


  1. Snapwiresnaps - Awesome collection, my personal favorite.
  2. StockSnap.io   - Boasts of  having hundreds of high resolution images added weekly
  3. Unsplash.com - Great collection! Has its own free use license
  4. Gratisography.com - Free to use, great photos, but not for evil purposes!
  5. Negativespace.co - New photos added regularly, easy to search.
  6. Splitshire.com - Great free photos! With paid option for bulk sets of 500 pictures!  
  7. LifeofPix.com - Another favorite of mine. Wide-space, stunning photos. 
  8. Nos.Twnsnd.co -Vintage photos from public archives, free of known copyright restrictions.
  9. Freestocks.org - Some great finds here every now and then.
  10. Jaymantri.com - Great wide-space and landscape photos

Short answer; because giving for free is sometimes the best way to sell your products!

Long answer: here's the interesting backstory from Daniel Nanescu, the creator of Splitshire:

"Two years ago I created SplitShire with the simple aim of giving life to photographs that would have gone into oblivion without any utility. In the course of almost ten years of photography I have accumulated many files, thousands, who were in the hard disk gathering dust. I’m not a famous photographer, so I do not care nothing to lose rights for some photographs so I began to upload the first 100 high-resolution photos that you can freely download and use for personal an commercial purposes. Now these photographs which were previously living in the darkest corners of the hard drive, live on websites like The Huffington Post, CNN, Books Covers, Magazines and thousands of websites/blogs."

Just last week I just set up WebEntrep.com (which I purchased from godaddy) and now this. 

It took me a while to finally use my own name as title of this website (JoeVizcarra.com), which for a long time, (a long fruitless time at that), has been JOURNEYIST.

Last week was a big big headache courtesy of godaddy. But this time, the real headache was trying to get my mind wrapped around the so called "writer's platform" thing. It doesn't help that I'm a late adopter, it's always difficult to subject yourself to brand analysis.    

Investing on this writer's platform site is nauseating. But it has to be worth it. At the very least, I am, finally embracing my destiny as a Writer, with a capital "w". Other than that, I'm a work in progress. In other words, it sucks!

But to sweeten this deal with myself, I made myself this blog within the main blog. I have so wanted to just freely write like this on my own blogs nah, JOURNEYIST was too formal for that. But not anymore.

I now actually feel that this is the first time that I really am blogging the way I have always wanted.

Well, this is actually just supposed to be a test post but things got out of hand. Oh, well...


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